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Dr. Mohammed M. Ali, MBBS, MD, ABFM is Board Certified in Family Medicine. Dr. Ali practices both Family and Integrative Medicine, combining both a traditional and a holistic approach in the care of his patients. As the medical director of the Health and Wellness Center, Inc., Dr. Ali is passionate about providing his patients with comprehensive solutions to achieve their optimal health. He spends considerable time with his patients by listening to them, educating them about their health conditions, and taking great care to investigate their condition before coming to a diagnosis. He orders comprehensive lab work and uses advanced technologies to achieve a safe and beneficial outcome for each patient. Dr. Ali is proud to be working with a team of accomplished medical professionals at the Health and Wellness Center. Here the patient can have access to the very best in medical care, from family and holistic medicine, to nutritional and lifestyle interventions, to chiropractic treatments and psychotherapy.


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