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Lauren Wilkerson, FLT L.E.

Lauren Katke-Wilkerson is a Certified Lifestyle Educator and Nutritional Consultant. She completed her training, clinical residency, and certification in lifestyle education in September of 2007. She is an expert in the extremely well respected, highly specialized approach to lifestyle education known as “FirstLine Therapy.”

Lauren has demonstrated a lifelong passion to help improve the lives of others in her community, devoting countless hours to community outreach activities.  Seeing the alarming health crisis facing so many, she has been inspired to help people successfully improve their lifestyle and achieve exceptional health and vitality since November of 2007.  

Lauren is a part of an extremely unique natural healthcare legacy. She is a third-generation member of the Katke family, founders of the renowned nutritional sciences company Metagenics, Inc. She was raised with a heightened awareness of the transforming power of healthy diet, exercise, therapeutic nutritional supplementation, effective stress management, and emotional well-being.  She blends the insights, beliefs, and passion resulting from her training and healthcare heritage with her love for people and her ability to clearly communicate the value of healthy lifestyle to each and every patient.

Lauren is privileged to join Dr. Mohammed Ali’s fine team of caring professionals at the Health and Wellness Center, Inc., to help more individuals in our community live their best life.


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