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Nutritional Counseling and Lifestyle Therapy

Recent science suggests that many of the chronic diseases associated with aging, such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and even several forms of cancer, are not inevitable outcomes of the aging process. Instead, these diseases are largely preventable by making sound lifestyle choices. Things that many people view as signs of aging, such as low energy, poor memory, low libido, chronic pain, and weight gain, are not signs of aging at all. They’re signs of illness.

Our lifestyle therapy program can help! By implementing healthy lifestyle behaviors, it is possible to correct blood sugar and insulin imbalances, control cravings, lose weight, increase energy, reduce cholesterol, and reduce risk to degenerative diseases.

Lauren Wilkerson, L.E. is an experienced Nutritional Consultant and Certified FLT Lifestyle Educator, who has been in clinical practice since 2007. Lauren’s goal with each client is to educate and inspire them to make positive changes in their day to day life choices, resulting in dramatic improvements in health. Lauren works closely with each client to construct an individualized eating plan and nutritional program to address their health concerns and meet their unique needs. She conducts comprehensive body composition analysis at each visit to measure and track the client’s progress, and then makes any necessary adjustments to the program for optimal results. The fundamentals of our Therapeutic Lifestyle program include: knowledge and education of healthy lifestyle choices, balanced eating, regular activity and/or exercise, appropriate nutritional supplementation, stress management, and quality sleep.


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