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Regenerative Medicine

As we have overcome infections with antibiotics and vaccinations, and treated chronic and acute illness with advanced medicine, we have increased our life expectancy. Although we are now living longer, the quality of health by and large has been declining, especially in older populations. As a society we are experiencing more chronic diseases and are more medicated than ever before.

Dr. Ali believes in improving not only the quantity of life, but also the quality of the life of his patients. In traditional medicine, the goal is to fight the symptoms and perform any surgeries needed to stop the growth of disease or infection. Addressing the factors in a patient’s life and health that matter most can sometimes be overlooked. By the age of 50, many people, both men and women, experience a significant reduction in the necessary hormones that kept them feeling young and healthy. As a result their quality of life suffers, and often the patient ends up taking different pain and psychiatric medications to cope with the effects. Dr. Ali believes in replenishing and restoring the things in the body that can easily become depleted or diminished over time, such as essential nutrients and hormones. When nutrients are replenished and hormones are properly balanced, the body then has what it needs to function optimally. This allows for much better quality of life during the transition into old age, achieved through the principles of regenerative medicine.


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